Bliss Power Bands
Bliss Power Bands
Bliss Power Bands
Bliss Power Bands
Bliss Power Bands

Bliss Power Bands

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" These turned my standard leg days into intense - peach pumping - can't walk after - glute growth sessions and helped me break through the plateau I have been stuck at for years" - Coach Mon

1 Tiny Little Package - 3 Bands - Huge Results
- Breathable tiny carry case to stop the sweat from building up
- 1x Heavy Resistance, 1x Medium Resistance, 1x Light Resistance
- Premium fabric
- Durable, lightweight build
- Silicone strip inside band for non-slip hold during those intense squats
- 60% Elastane, 40% Polyester.
- Length: 38cm. Width: 7.5cm.

The Bikini Bliss Challenges' all new Power Band Set is everything you need to take your leg days to the next level. No matter what level you're at; we've got you covered with 1 light, 1 medium, and 1 heavy band, all in a breathable little go bag. Wake up that back side, at home or the gym, and finally start seeing results you want from your squats, lunges or any other leg exercise you can think of. 

Don't take our word for it


This program has everything you need for physical changes, but it's the emotional and mindset changes that impact me the most. Learning how to make time for myself has been tough, but I did it, and love Bliss (and Coach Mon) for showing me the way.

Shauna B.

Calgary, AB


The only thing more remarkable than the physical change I see, is the emotional and mental changes I feel. 💜

Paige F.

Reddeer, AB


Monique is the sweetest most inspiring coach I have ever met. Her patience and kindness keep me motivated and believing that


Melissa P.

FortMcMurray, AB


This challenge is so much more than a 12 week program. The community is like a family, always there to pick you up when youre down. Motivate you, Inspire you, it really makes you feel like you are apart of something bigger. I love it.

Carley G.

Victoria, BC


Easy to follow workouts that kick your ass, delicious foods, never feeling restrictive with what I can eat. Plus the app makes it so easy to track everything! Grateful I found Bliss.

Courtney C.

Halifax, NS


Gone are the days of hours of cardio, restrictive eating and feeling like a POS for not having a 10/10 week. So happy I found Bliss, this is truly a life changing program.

Jillian M.

Fort McMurray, Ab