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Danielle K. lost 50lbs. Gained Unstoppable confidence.

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Mon guided me to the direction of feeling absolutely unstoppable.. I have never in my life felt so blessed and focused...I'll never look back to who I was, I'll look ahead to whom I am now and how I feel..because I haven't felt this good in a long ass time!!

Ashley J.



It honestly changed my life! I've been struggling so hard to get back into shape and into the gym, and they helped me do that! They helped me get my confidence and self esteem back and I cannot thank them enough! HIGHLY recommend!!!

Presley J



Down 21lbs and 50 inches from all over my body in just 12 weeks! This has helped me find a confidence in myself that I haven't had in years. Eternally grateful for the experience and to my coach for all her help!

McKenzie B.



I was recommended Coach Mon by so many of my girlfriends. I was stuck in a rut drinking every weekend and ordering takeout 3-4 times a week. Zero energy and zero hope. The pounds were just packing on. Within my first four weeks of this program I dropped five pounds. My body reacted well to the clean eating and the workouts. It is extremely easy to follow and a total lifestyle. 

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Los Angeles, CA