Full Body Blaster
Full Body Blaster
Full Body Blaster

Full Body Blaster

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Welcome to Bikini Bliss! 

This 7 day trial is personally designed by Coach Mon as a full body blaster!
With this program, you will try out workout styles from all 3 of our programs AND challenges that can be done at home or the gym!
To Sign Up Simply Add This Product To Cart and Checkout!
It's Completely FREE & There Is NO recurring charge once it ends like other programs.

Whats Included:
2 - Famous Booty Builder Days That Coach Mon uses to prep for the World Stage

2 - Foundations Day to Build Those Shoulders and Tone Those Arms

1 - Calorie Burning High Intensity Day to melt away that fat

1 - Active Recovery Day with Our in House Yogi

What you need:
Gym Access OR;
1 Set of Dumbbells & 1 Set of Resistance Bands ( for the rowing movements)

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