Can I do these programs from home? 

Yes you can! The programs are built for the gym or home use with minimal equipment needed. All workouts also come with a sub library in case there are exercises you are unequipped or not ready for just yet.

What equipment do I need?

To complete the program at home you will need:
1 set of dumbells
1 Booty Band
1 Long Resistance Band
1 Yoga Mat (optional but highly recommended)
Are these programs right for me and my fitness level? 

Yes! We've seen great results for people at all fitness levels. We specifically designed them to be suitable for both beginners,  intermediate and advance fitness levels.
If you are still unsure:

We recommend doing the programs in the following order:
Bliss Burn - Helps build a foundation of fitness while burning the extra calories
Bliss Build - Builds off a foundation to help you gain strength in all areas and sculpt those muscles a little more.
Will I be billed $34.00 CAD monthly with the Bliss Subscriptions (Bliss Burn + Build)?
Yes, you will be billed every 30 days with an option to cancel on your 3rd month. We require a 3 month commitment upon sign up. 
Does the amount of $34.00 CAD remain beyond the 3 month commitment, or does the cost of monthly subscription go up?
There is no hidden costs here! It will be $34.00 CAD until you decide to cancel! 

I signed up and don't see anything when can I access my program?

The Monthly Subscriptions start on the Monday immediately following your sign-up day, the 90 day challenge runs twice a year - with the start dates being March 6th and September 6th

Are modifications provided?
If you need modifications to the programs, fire us an email at hello@bikiniblisschallenge.com before signing up and well make sure we find a solution suitable for you! Also - You will have access to your own personal trainer + hype girl in the app which is there to answer questions and help any way she can!